Nanotechnology and Nano-materials

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Nanotechnology is currently appropriate as a part of chemistry, physics, biology and designing. Some Nano-materials can occur naturally, for example, blood borne proteins and lipids found in the blood and body fat. Researchers are categorically interested in ENMs called Engineered Nano-materials, which are intended for use in numerous commercial materials, devices and structures. Finally, thousands of regular products- including sunscreens, beautifying agents, electronics, goods for sporting, clothing with stain resistant are made by utilizing ENMs. Nano-materials are also useful in drug delivery, imaging and medical diagnosis. Nano-sized particles can enter the human body through inbound breath and ingestion and through the skin. Fibrous Nano-materials made of carbon have been appeared to actuate inflammation in the lungs in ways that are like asbestos.

  •  Carbon nano-tubes & Nano-fabrication
  •  Nano-particles & Nano-medicine
  • Risks and regulation of nanotechnology
  • Nano bio-materials &Nano biotechnology
  • Nano photonics and optics
  • Nano powders & Nano electronics


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