Bio-Materials and Bio-Medical Devices

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Bio-materials are important to the development of numerous leading edge medical devices and products including biodegradable sutures, bone screws, pins, poles and plates, and scaffolds for recovering bone, ligament and blood vessels. The third-generation bio-materials combine the restorable and bio-active property, with the goal of creating materials that, once implanted, will enable the body to heal itself whereas the second-generation bio-materials were designed to be restorable or bio-active.


Bio-materials can be re-engineered into formed or machined parts, coatings, filaments, foams and fabrics for use in bio-medical devices. These may consolidate heart valves, hip joint substitutions, dental implants, or contact lens. The biodegradable and bio-absorbable property of bio-materials made them to dispose of step by step from the body in the wake of fulfilling a function.

  • Smart Polymers
  • Biomimetic Elastomer’s
  • Engineered Skin and Heart Patches
  • Heart Patches
  • Application of Biomedical Devices


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