Beya Ouertani

Title: Growth of amorphous iron oxide thin films by a simple and non-toxic technique: spray pyrolysis, and their transformation into FeS2 and FeSe2 films for low cost solar cells applications.


Beya Ouertani obtained her  Bachelor's Degrees in physical sciences, her DEA in  quantum physics,   and her PhD about thin films for solar cells, at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, El Manar  University.  She  was a  researcher  at  the  Photovoltaic and  Semiconductor Materials Laboratory,  ENIT,  Tunisia.  She  is  a  researcher  at  Laboratory  of  Semiconductors, Nanostructures  and  Advanced  Technology,  LSNTA,  Research  and  Technology  Center  of Energy  (CRTEn)  since  2001,  and  researcher  at the  Research  Laboratory for  Environment Sciences  and  Technologies,  LRSTE,  High  Institute  of  Sciences  and  Technologies  of  Environment  Borj  Cédria,.  She  is  a  teacher  at  the  High  Institute  of  Sciences  and Technologies  of  Environment  Borj  Cédria,  Science  and  Technology  Park  of  Borj  Cedria,  Tunisia.

Research Interest

Thin films fabrication and characterizations, solar cells, renewable energies, fuel cells

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