Title: Recent trends in smart and Multi-functional coatings.


Professor Makhlouf experts 26 years and has a strong blend of industrial and academic leadership experience as a Professor of Materials Science & Technology, Professor of Advanced “nano-bio” Manufacturing Engineering, and Materials & Metallurgical Engineering Consultant. Responsible for providing R&D leadership in the STEM area, maintaining a high standard of quality in graduate and undergraduate teaching, and connecting consultancy/research activities to industry applications. Makhlouf is a world-renowned academician who won numerous national and international prestigious prizes and awards such as Humboldt Research Award for Experienced Scientists at Max Planck Institute, Germany; Fulbright, NSF, and Dept. of Energy Fellowships, USA; Shoman Award in Engineering Science; State Prize of Egypt in Advanced Science and Technology; and many more. He has a national and international reputation in materials science, chemistry, and engineering with established evidence of academic excellence. The publication list (+220) includes 17 books for Springer and Elsevier. He has a proven leading role in high-impact interdisciplinary collaborations with a broad range of academic, industrial or governmental partners. He has a strong track record of winning research income from diverse sources through competitive grants, industry grants or consultancies. Makhlouf has proven effective leadership and management at the department/college and/ university level. He is an organizer, head speaker and chair at numerous highly prestigious international conferences; Senior Editor and board member of many international journals; Panelist and Reviewer for the USA NSF, and for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). He is a Member of the European Science Foundation; Expert Evaluator and Rapporteur for the EU’s FP7; Expert for the German Aerospace Center; Reviewer for the US Fulbright Commission; and many more. Makhlouf is a Consultant/Reviewer for several universities: Reviewer for the Faculty Promotion and Tenure/Post Tenure Committees (e.g. Ghent University, University of Texas, Tezpur University and Jazan University); Consultant for King Saud University; Reviewer for the Master program for Al-Imam University; and Reviewer the American University in Sharjah. He created and delivered several courses for mechanical and manufacturing engineering master students, received a very high teaching evaluation, and effectively supervised and graduated 10 Ph.D. and master’s students, and 3 postdoctoral scientists.

Research Interest

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