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A large number of the polymers that we know about from our regular day to day continuation are known as plastics. The plastics, or thermoplastics, are polymers that soften when mild and are shaped into various structures. Fibers incorporate plentiful kinds of engineered yarn or rope that are produced using nebulous materials, for example, the polyesters. Crystalline polymers can likewise be appropriate to make filaments, which is found in bullet resistant clothing.


Polymer recycling is an access to decrease natural issues caused by polymeric waste aggregation created from everyday utilization's of polymer materials such as construction and development. The reusing of polymeric waste saves natural assets as large portion of polymer materials are produced using oil and gas.

  • Molecular imprinted polymers
  • Super Absorbent Polymers
  • Polymer Characterization and Degradation
  • Polymer Structure
  • Properties and Synthesis of Polymers


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