Jean-Paul Lellouche

Title: Nanocarrier toxicity control for effective siRNA/microRNA gene/delivery silencing applications


Prof./Dr Jean-Paul Lellouche (1981 PhD degree/education in Organic Chemistry field, University La Doua, Lyon - France) moved in October 2000 to the Bar-Ilan University (Ramat-Gan, Israel) - Department of Chemistry & Institute of Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials as a Full Professor in synthetic Organic Chemistry/Nano(bio)technology (July 2008) & recent Dpt of Chemistry Head (Oct 2017-July 2018). His main current R&D activities concern R&D cutting-edge Materials Science level interfacing with nano(bio)technology nanomaterials engineering science, - for example magnetic & non-magnetic drug/siRNA & microRNA delivery nanoscale systems, theranostic nanoparticles for human therapy, antibacterial/anti-parasitic non-toxic nanoparticles & biocompatible inorganic functional transition dichalcogenide nanostructures. In this context, he authored 169 peer-reviewed scientific papers (2,756 citations) amongst which 16 patents, and 6 reviews/book chapters together with a recent start-up creation activity (November 2019 – NANO-DROPs Goodbye Eyeglasses project). 

Research Interest

Synthetic organic chemistry with wide use in nanobiotechnology (functional versatile nanoparticles nanofabrication and biology-relating applications) together with specialization in innovative nanomaterial surface engineering (C/WS2-nanotubes, nanodiamonds, high-contrast magnetic nanoparticles, and even more…)

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