Henrikas Cesiulis

Title: Workshop | Smartelectrodes: Electrochemical approach to design and analyze multiscaled electrodes


Prof. Henrikas Cesiulis: group leader at the Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences at Vilnius University, Lithuania in the fields of electrochemistry of metals, alloys, nanotechnology, development of metallic nanoparticles. He is also the CEO of recently established company “EPT” (Electronics Treatment Technologies). He has published over 45 scientific papers, books chapters, and within last 5 years coordinated and/or participated in over 12 (inter)national research projects, including in the framework of FP6, FP7 and H2020 programs. Currently he is involved in ITN and RISE H2020 projects dealing with electrodeposition of smart alloys and electrodes; coordinating the last one.

Research Interest

applied electrochemistry, thermodynamics of electrolytes, electrochemistry of tungsten and molybdenum, anodic films, nanostructurization

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