W Richard Chung

Title: Synthesis and characterization of polymer membranes embedded with nanoparticles for water filtration


Dr. W. Richard Chung is professor and chair of the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department at San José State University, San José, California, USA.  He has had over 32 years of academic experience in teaching and research across many engineering fields such as chemical engineering, materials engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. He has extensive knowledge and industrial experience in engineering innovation, product design, manufacturing methods, process control, quality assurance, and business entrepreneurship. He has a solid record of leadership in building a large number of unique partnerships with business and educational institutions to enrich collaboration and globalization.

Dr. Chung’s research focuses on the development of nanoparticle reinforced polymeric composite membrane intended for water filtration and gas permeation. His research group is interested in understanding the mechnisms of graphene distribution and orientation with respect to the bonding of polymer matrix in a membrane to achieve the ultrafiltration purpose.

Note on Theme of Conference: Nanocomposites Design, Fabrication and Characterization. Various nanocomposites have been created and investigated to understand the fundamental knowledge of the functions of nanoparticles embedded in a polymer matrix to achieve specific engineering applications such as water filtration, gas separation, biosensing and metal-polymer ink systems. Focus will be given to the problems related to material structure, interface, compatibility, orientation, and surface-volume ratios. 

Research Interest

Product design, process design and control, green energy, devices, failure analysis, membrane technology, biomedical devices, conductive polymers, biodegradable /compostable materials, smart materials, water filtration, nanotechnology and nanocomposites.

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