Bianchi Mendez

Title: Wide band gap semiconductor nanomaterials for novel optoelectronic devices


Bianchi Mendez is Full Professor in Materials Science from 2007. She works at the Materials Physics Department in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and is the Director of Research Group: Physics of Electronic Nanomaterials. She got the Ph.D. degree in 1991, and has spent long term stays at University of Bologna (in 1992) and more recently at the Warwick University (2014-15). Her research focuses on the study of the optical and electronic properties, such as luminescence, waveguiding behavior and photoconductivity, of electronic nanomaterials, with a particular attention to their relationship with their structural features. The aim is to exploit their featured physical properties for applications in sensor, energy or optoelectronic devices. Her expertise includes advanced scanning electron microscopy (SEM) techniques (CL, EBIC, EBSD, EDS, in-situ SEM measurements). Prof. B. Mendez has coauthored more than 120 publications in international journals on Materials Science and Applied Physics. She has been the supervisor of four Ph. D. students.

The University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) is one of the largest universities in Spain. UCM technological scientific infrastructure (with an annual budget almost reaching 600M€), together with the quality of its researchers (more than 6000), has established some of its laboratories among the best in Europe. UCM is located in the “Campus de Moncloa” in Madrid, with over 10% of the national scientific production of Spain, has been awarded of the “Campus of International Excellence” label due to its unique environment, fostering synergies in higher education, research, innovation and cultural projection.

Note on Theme of Conference

There is always need of fundamental research on advanced materials and characterization. The Conference will address these issues with the aim of looking for innovation. Not only better devices, with better performances, but also smart devices with up-graded functions are needed.

Research Interest

Oxide semiconductors, nanomaterials, optical and electronic properties, electron  microscopy, luminescence

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