Fouad Fadhil Al-Qaim

Title: Elucidation of chlorinated by-products after electrochemical degradation of mefenamic acid


Fouad Fadhil Al-Qaim is an associate professor Dr. in analytical chemistry. He has finished his PhD in 2015 from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia. He also completed his postdoctoral fellowship for two years from Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, Malaysia. Currently, He is lecturer at University of Babylon, Iraq.

He is an expert in analysis of pharmaceuticals in wastewater and surface water using liquid chromatography-time of flight/mass spectrometry. Also, he has very good experience in analysis and elucidation the by-products after degradation of pharmaceuticals. Now, he is a co-supervisor for five PhD student and also he has published more than 20 papers indexed in ISI journals. Furthermore, he is a reviewer for six journals indexed in ISI and Q1.

Research Interest

Analytical Chemistry


Mass Spectrometry

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