Dr. Trudy Wassenaar

Title: Do gender differences in the gut microbiome explain the differences in cardiovascular disease risks?


Trudy Wassenaar, director of Molecular Microbiology and Genomics Consultants (MMGC), has a wide expertise in microbiology, both in applied and in fundamental research. She has worked as a consultant for companies, and governmental agencies and collaborated with colleagues from academia for over 20 years. Her collaboration with David Ussery started 17 years ago. She published over 120 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and wrote a popular science book entitled ‘Bacteria, the Bad, the Benign and the Beautiful’ that was published in 2011. Together with David Ussery and Stephano Borini she co-authored a textbook entitled ‘Bioinformatics for Microbiologists’ which came out in 2009. Her publication H-index is currently 47.

Research Interest


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