Dr. Carey O’Rielly



A graduate of Duke University and USC Dental School, Dr. Carey O’Rielly has been a practicing dentist for 34 years.  He began his career owning and operating a network of six offices in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Later he was a dental director for a California insurance company and monitored care for fifty dental offices.  Presently he owns and operates a private holistic practice in North County San Diego’s Encinitas.

Dr O started looking for solutions to his health challenges resulting from stress and environmental toxicity that built up over a ten year period practicing dentistry.  When he found what he needed to heal from these health challenges, it changed his life and his approach to dentistry.

Dr O’Rielly has dedicated himself to learning about oral systemic infections and how dentistry can affect your health.  Dr O has applied what he has learned to develop specialized protocols that address spirochetal infections in the periodontal tissues and around implants, and a laser protocol for addressing apical periodontitis and root canal infections. He will be discussing these protocols and technology behind them during the meeting.

Research Interest

Holistic Dentistry

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