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Dear All,

Greetings from World Heart Congress 2019!

Welcome to Edinburgh, Scotland the most exciting city in the world, to participate in World Heart Congress 2019, Global Experts Meeting on Frontiers in Cardiology and Healthcare. The conference is now well established as the most successful and informative international meeting in the field of cardiology and Healthcare. For young investigators, who are going to start their respective research carrier, it is the most important for them to get close contact with prominent experts, who have already made great achievements in their respective research carrier, it is most important for them to get close contact with prominent experts, who have already made great achievements in their field of research work. This conference no doubt provides such chances for the young researchers. Meanwhile, for senior investigators, this conference will give them opportunities to meet other investigators, with whom they may work together or to exchange opinions successfully.

Also, experience the alluring beauty of Edinburgh, with the local tourism package for all the attendees. With the closure of heart whelming sessions, enjoy the sightseeing for a day in a super synchronized way to leave with cherish-able memories.

Indeed, in my young days, I have obtained a number of friends, with whom I worked and published papers, in various international meetings like this conference.

The Conference will be held in  Edinburgh, where you can find many beautiful and attracting places and events, which inspires you in many respects.

The Organizing Committee Members wish you to have the most valuable experiences in Edinburgh in every respect.

For More updates please go through the following Link: https://frontiersmeetings.com/conferences/heart


Dr. Robert Joel Goldberg

Organizing Committee Member| World Heart Congress 2019

Emeritus Professor | University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA



Market Analysis

The global interventional cardiology market is estimated to reach $24.96 billion by 2027. The global cardiology market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.37% between the years 2019 and 2027, aided by the impressive growth of healthcare budgetary allocation and technological advancements in the medical device industry. Moreover, the rising prevalence of cardiac diseases and a growing geriatric population are the main factors leading the growth of the market.


Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally and accounted for 17.7 million deaths in 2015, according to the data published by World Health Organization. The growth in geriatric population globally has resulted in increased prevalence of cardiovascular diseases. Some of the key factors contributing to the deteriorating health of individuals and the rise in chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases re change in eating habits, increased stress, smoking, alcohol consumption, and disturbed sleeping patterns. Which demands for advanced medical devices to treat the growing number of cardiac patients. 

The medical devices industry has been witnessing an annual growth rate of approximately 4.5% since 2011. Growth of the cardiology market are  directly proportional to the increasing incidences of cardiac disorders and rise in older population. As a result innovating new products or redesigning existing devices to attain better process efficiency is essential for several conglomerate companies. Therefore, to sustain in the highly competitive market, cardiology is gradually becoming an indispensable solution for the medical device industry. 

Some of the leading Medical devices company.

Cardiology shares a great percentage in the medical market. On a global scale, projections for Coronary Stents market share indicate nearly 47.1% by 2021 leaving the rest of the market to the Cardiac Catheters, PTCA/Coronary guidewires, etc. By technology Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is the fastest growing market. 4.8 billion PCI Procedures are expected by 2021 across world.  With the existence of technologies such as advanced tools and software which are featured in most of the devices, cardiovascular industry is growing at an increasing rate. International business firms tend to bring in new products and also at the same time they try to enhance the existing features in cardiovascular devices.

World Heart Congress 2019


The essential subject of World Heart Congress 2019 is “Cardiology in the Changing Health Care Landscape”. World Heart Congress 2019  intends to squeeze out unique prospects and avenues of this domain which can be outspread to all the speakers and delegates, hence uplifting the profile with all sorts of demanding credibility. In addition, World Heart Congress 2019  seeks the involvement of all the academicians and professionals to attract the attention of all the global communities towards this area to ensure a quality and better healthcare servings which is inevitable for human existence. Assimilating the combined efforts of speakers, delegates, peer reviewers and our organizing committee members, World Heart Congress 2019 looks ahead to ornate the contributions of its attendees by enriching their research profile with accountable CME credits and enabling global visibility to their research works.  

Salient Features

·         Meet University circles and corporate visionaries to get inspired

·         Expand your knowledge base and explore new horizons

·         Knowledge, Benchmarking and networking with the global community, offered at one place

·         Forge connections and for global networking

·         Highly planned and organized scientific programs

·         Best Oral and Poster presentation ($299/ $199 resp.)

·         Meet with new merchants and traders

The Goals

  • The goals of this conference are to provide a transformative qualified growth experience through bringing together the world’s scientific professionals to catalyze and advance scientific knowledge about Cardiology and Health Care

  • Bringing together scientists, researchers, and policy leaders to encourage and enhance programmatic relationships to enhance the benchmark of healthcare servings and ensure an application based work.

Sessions & Tracks

Heart Congress 2019 covering almost the all Scientific Sessions for attendees to share ideas, research papers, academic sessions, current trends and technologies in the field of Cardiology and Health Care.


For more about the tracks, please click on it.


Track 1: Heart Failure & Diseases

Track 2: Heart Diagnosis

Track 3: Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery

Track 4: Cardiovascular Research

Track 5: Heart Devices

Track 6: Cardiometabolic Health- Diabetes, Obesity, & Metabolism

Track 7: Pediatric and Neonatal Cardiology

Track 8: Cardiac Pharmacology

Track 9: Arrhythmia & Invasive electrophysiology

Track 10: Cardiovascular Nursing and Healthcare

Track 11: Stem Cell Research and Cardiac Regeneration

Track 12: Risk Factors, Epidemiology and Rehabilitation

Track 13: Sports Cardiology

Track 14: Interventional Cardiology

Track 15: Big Data in Cardiology

Track 16: Cardiology - Future Medicine

Track 17: Case Reports on Cardiology


Intended Audience

Healthcare Professionals


Cardiothoracic Surgeons

Cardiology Physicians


Nurse Practitioners

Cardiovascular Researchers

Cardiovascular Doctors

Cardiovascular Scientists


Pediatric Cardiologists

Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Companies

Cardiology Faculties and Professors

Business Entrepreneurs

Cardiology Hospitals, Associations, and Societies

Medical Students and Ph.D. Fellows

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