Stem Cell Research and Cardiac Regeneration

Heart Congress 2019  includes Keynote and Speakers sessions that offer extensive worldwide exchanges that address current issues in Heart Congress 2019.

In this session we will discuss about Stem Cell Research and Cardiac Regeneration

Cardiac Regeneration is an  effort to repair irreversibly damaged heart tissue through cutting-edge science, including stem cell and cell-free cell therapy. Reparative tools have been designed to restore damaged heart tissue and function by the natural ability of the body to regenerate. Together, patients and providers find regenerative solutions that renew, renew and recycle patients' own reparative capabilities.


·         Tissue graft cardiac cell replacement

·         Cardiac remodeling

·         Cardiac regenerative therapy

·         Congenital heart disease and regeneration

·         Heart repair, heart tissue regeneration and stem cells

·         Biomimetic heart valve replacement

·         Stem cell-derived engineered cardiac tissue


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