Heart Diagnosis

Heart Congress 2019  includes Keynote and Speakers sessions that offer extensive worldwide exchanges that address current issues in Heart Congress 2019.

In this session we will discuss about the tests that we need to diagnose  our heart disease.

The starting line of diagnosis is measuring the rhythm of heart beat and checking Blood Pressure. Various methods such as imaging techniques, surgeries, Electrophysiology, Angiography, Radiography, etc are used. The widely used tests for diagnosing Cardiac issues are Chest X-ray, Stress Test, Tilt Table Test, Echo-cardiogram, CT Heart Scan, Myocardial Biopsy, Heart MRI and Pericardiocentesis. Pericardiocentesis also known as pericardial tap means collecting the fluid from the sac surrounding the heart and analyzing it for any sign of infection, inflammation or presence of Cancer. Medical care is very essential once heart disease is diagnosed. The goals of treatment are stabilizing the condition, controlling long-term symptoms and healing if possible.

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