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For Speakers:

The meeting room is equipped with a digital projector, screen & laptop. We encourage our speakers to submit their presentation slides prior to the event. However, you can use your own laptop for the presentation and/or demonstration under unavoidable conditions.

·         Individual podium presentations are to be 45 minutes for Keynotes and 30 minutes for Speakers in length followed by 5 minutes for Q&A.

·         The conference planning committee clusters accepted podium presentations in conference sessions with other papers on similar topics.

·         No videos will be recorded.

·         Question periods, thanks and acknowledgment of the speakers will take place during the session or after completion of the session, so please stay until the session ends.

·         Presenters are responsible for advance their slides from the podium. Presenters will be able to see slides on the screen and on the monitor.

·         Presenters must bring their presentation on an external flash drive. You should load your presentation on the computer in your session room the morning of, or at the latest during the break before, your session. Audiovisual technicians will be available for technical assistance.

·         Pediatrics Congress 2019 suggests presenters set the page for “On-Screen Show (4:3) with a width of 10” and a height of 7.5”.

·         Pediatrics Congress 2019 recommends an easy to read typeface(font type) for slides, such as Times New Roman fonts like Helvetica, Cambria or Arial.

·         Pediatrics Congress 2019 recommends presenters use color for emphasis only. White or black lettering on a blue background is easy to read.

·         Avoid light lettering on a light background, red or green text and please be considerate of those who are color blind.

Presentation Style Points

·        Use appropriate visual aids (i.e. Powerpoint), and make the best use of them:

a)     Don’t overload slides; make sure each has only one message, and the text is written in large enough font to be easily visible

b)     Make them interesting; don’t just read out a list of bullet points from each slide. Judicious use of photos/graphics can be very helpful

c)      But not too interesting; using too many different colors, fonts and graphics will distract your audience

d)     Keep graphs and tables simple, and make sure they are legible and appropriately labeled


·        Don’t try and pack too much into presentation

                              a)     Try and get a few simple messages across

                              b)     Avoid too much detail

     ·        Repeat your main messages more than once

                              a)     Your audience will sit through very many presentations during the conference

                                    – make sure they remember what yours was about!

 ·        Structure your presentation. For example:

                              a)     What is the question you’re interested in

                              b)     How have you investigated at this question

                              c)      What have you found

                             d)     What conclusions can you draw

·        Try not to read from a text

a)     But if you must, make sure the text is written in spoken English (which is different, and less formal, than written English)


·        Time your presentation so that it does not overrun

                              a)     This is very important!

                            b)     Practice your talk beforehand to make sure you’ve got the timing right

 ·        Allow at least 5 minutes at the end of your presentation for questions

a)     This is an opportunity for you to benefit from the audiences’ wisdom, as well as the audience to benefit from yours

b)     To maximize the opportunities for discussion, keep answers succinct


For Poster Presenters:

  • Poster boards (1 meter X 1 meter) with poster numbers arid pasting materials will be provided to each presenter. We encourage you to paste the posters 1 hour prior to the start time of poster sessions as per the final program.

  • Poster evaluation and Certificate distribution will be done by the judges. Poster awards will be presented on day 3 during the closing ceremony.


  • All the attendees will be provided with the delegate certification signed by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE MEMBER (OCM). Name and affiliation on the certificates will be printed on the certificates, as per our records, for any changes or requests regarding the certification— please contact us before one month of the conference.

E-Poster Presentation:

  • E-Posters Presenter is not required to join the conference in person. The Poster (in PDF form) will be electronically projected during the poster session area. E-Poster abstract will be published in the Proceeding book. Presenters will be provided with E-Certificate during the post-conference works.