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We would like to invite you to attend the Global Experts Meetings on Frontiers in Health Care to be held at October 07-09, 2019 Madrid, Spain
Health Care 2019 will be the best platform for all the doctors, business analysts, Scientists, research scholars, students across the globe under a single place to exchange their knowledge about their field of interest and research work. By considering the above, this summit will be the finest place to share experiences and best practices through invited keynote, plenary lectures, symposia, workshops, invited sessions and posters covering a range of topics and important issues which affect us all from the research to the practical implementations. We hope that Health Care 2019 will inspire a number of health care organizations and researchers in this International Conference.
               Our Healthcare Leadership Conferences offers unique opportunities to learn the latest improvement ideas, connect with like-minded colleagues, and generate momentum for change in your organization. Our Global Healthcare Conferences happening in major parts of the globe would cover wide range of subjects including but not limited to Healthcare Technologies,

 Why to attend our Best Healthcare Conferences:

  • Exchange ideas and network with leading healthcare and allied professionals and researchers from more than 40 countries
  • Discuss quality initiatives that can be applied in the practice
  • Discuss ways to collaborate in putting quality initiatives in place throughout the healthcare industry
  • Participants can gain direct access to a core audience of professionals and decision makers and can increase visibility through branding and networking at the conference
  • Learn and discuss key news and challenges with senior level speakers.
  • With presentations, panel discussions, round table discussions, and workshops, we cover every topic from top to bottom, from global macro issues to strategies to tactical issues

Sessions & Tracks

Healthcare-2019 covering almost the all Scientific Sessions for attendees to share ideas, research papers, Academic sessions, current trends and technologies in the field of Health care.


Track 1: Health Policy and Management

Track 2: Healthcare Informatics Research & Technology

Track 3: Global Health Issues and Ethics

Track 4: Public Health and Health disparities

Track 5: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Track 6: Nursing and Healthcare

Track 7: Neonatal & Pediatric Healthcare

Track 8: Community Health

Track 9: Health Education and Promotion

Track 10: Medical errors and patient safety

Track 11: Chronic disease management

Track 12: Digital Healthcare

Track 13: Disease Prevention

Track 14: Nutrition & Obesity

Track 15: Skin & Body Health

Track 16: Cardiovascular Health

Track 17: Global Healthcare Economics

Track 18: Oral care & Dental Health

Track 19: Diabetic Healthcare

Track 20: Women’s Health, Gynecology & Obstetrics

Track 21: Infectious & Emerging Diseases

Track 22: Mental and Physical Health

Track 23: Pharmaceutics and Healthcare

Track 24: Alternative Healthcare and Case Studies

Track 25: Healthcare and Innovations

Track 26: Medical Tourism

Track 27: Challenges Involved in Medical Tourism

Track 28: Environmental Impact of Medical Tourism

Market Analysis

Health care is the Science especially in Human Anatomy and Physiology, practice for Diagnosis, Treatment, and prevention of the disease. Medicine has existed more than a thousand years. It is the life-oriented service focus on the field of health and its maintenance. A physician is the person one who specialized in diagnosing and gives treatment accordingly in therapies, typically encouraging the Body to heal itself. They are the one who qualified with Medical Practice for Restoring the Health and ready for the people consultation for diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, injury and other physical and mental impairments. Surgeons are Physicians one who Qualified for performing the Surgery. They act directly to correct the illness, injury, and deformities in our Human Body. In General, Physicians are termed as the one who treats the illness through Non-invasive methods and Surgeons are the one who treats and rectify the illness and other problems in Invasive methods.

Why Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest municipality in both the Community of Madrid and Spain as a whole. The city has almost 3.2 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of approximately 6.5 million. It is the third-largest city in the European Union (EU), smaller than only London and Berlin, and its monocentric metropolitan area is the third-largest in the EU, smaller only than those of London and Paris. The municipality covers 604.3 km2 (233.3 sq mi).Madrid lies on the River Manzanares in the centre of both the country and the Community of Madrid (which comprises the city of Madrid, its conurbation and extended suburbs and villages); this community is bordered by the autonomous communities of Castile and León and Castile-La Mancha. As the capital city of Spain, seat of government, and residence of the Spanish monarch, Madrid is also the political, economic and cultural centre of the country.[12] The current mayor is Manuela Carmena from the party Ahora Madrid

 Global Healthcare Market Analysis:

The report on the global healthcare analytics market provides qualitative and quantitative analysis for the period of 2017 to 2022. The global healthcare staffing market size was valued at USD 27.3 billion in 2017 with a CAGR of 5.4%. Increasing geriatric population, geographical penetration of players through partnerships, and increase in awareness about the benefits of contract staffing are likely to drive growth. According to WHO, there was a shortage of 7.2 million healthcare workers globally in 2013 and it is anticipated that this shortage will reach 12.9 million by 2035.

Intended Audience

The target audience for our Global Experts Meetings on Frontiers in Health Care conferences are professionals across all the fields related to healthcare and its allied groups. These includes but is not limited to primary care physicians, primary healthcare practitioners, family medicine specialists, healthcare specialists, epidemiologists, primary and community care specialists, public health specialists, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, registered nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, homeopaths, dieticians, health coaches, licensed herbalists, business entrepreneurs, training institutes, software developing companies, manufacturing medical devices companies, data management companies, veterinarians, microbiologists, clinicians, public health professionals, communication specialists, business analysts, data analyst healthcare consulting firms, healthcare head hunters, healthcare recruiting agencies healthcare investors, healthcare professionals, healthcare specialists, healthcare workers, healthcare technology companies healthcare societies /NGO’s Healthcare organizations healthcare management specialists public health professionals Health economists foundation leaders, direct service providers, policymakers, researchers, academicians, advocates policy makers and others.