Zahra Peivand

Azad University, Iran
Title: Strategies to reduce environmental impacts refineries, GTL (gas to liquid fuel conversion) Case Study :GTL Qheshm island,Iran


Zahra Peivand has her expertise in  Environmental Engineeringand assessment, GIS & RS Analyst and A well-organized and outgoing Environmental Engineering with good communication and analytical skills, looking to develop a career within an international business environment. experienced in the use of geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) and Land use expert with environmental and IT knowlage, databases, and similar software. Education and qualifications: MSc in Environmental Engineering- Tehran ,Islamic azad university Science and Research branch,back l studied civil engineering in the field of photogrammetry. My Paper is to identify and assessment to reduce the adverse environmental impact of the GTL refinery

Research Interest

Environmental Impact of GTL refinery

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