Wayne Seames

Title: Overcoming barriers for the use of microalgae as a Biofuels feedstock


Wayne Seames is a Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering.  Invention and innovation have been a hallmark of his academic research career.  He is a named inventor on eight U.S. patents and numerous international equivalents and is the only person from North Dakota to be inducted into the National Academy of Inventors. His current areas of research include: 1) the environmental and operational impact of coal impurities liberated during combustion; 2) fundamental mechanisms of trace element partitioning during combustion; 3) sustainable energy technologies including the invention and development of fuels and chemicals from crop oils and biomass; 4) the environmental impact and remediation technologies of both organic and inorganic chemicals; and 5) project management, design engineering, technical & commercial feasibility analyses. In addition to his academic career he has 16 years of applied industrial experience as a process and project engineer and in project management.

Research Interest

Environmental Engineering, Sustainable Energy

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