Janusz Golaszewski

Title: The regulative framework for sustainability of green energy


JANUSZ GOLASZEWSKI (M) has completed PhD in 1990 and the title of professor has received in 2003. He is the head of the interfaculty unit – the Centre for Bioeconomy and Renewable Energies (CBEO) of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (UWM) and the President of the Board of the Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster in Gdansk (BKEE). The CBEO specializes in bio-based technologies for biomass production and processing to different products. He coordinates R&D projects, including multidisciplinary research on innovative technologies of biofuel production: generation of biogas in small biogas plants, bioethanol in lignocellulosic and sugar biorefineries, and bio-oil in algae production plants. The concepts of biofuel production developed in the frame of the projects assume a closed cycle of mass and energy circulation The EU projects (7FP, H2020, ERANET) were/are orientated on implementation of the biorefinery concept in practice, improvement of energy efficiency in agricultural production and eco-energy facilities (biogas plants), and sustainability of bio-products in the context of regulations. He participated in the BSR-InnoNET program developed by the Ministries of Economy from the Baltic Sea Region countries, at the EU working groups (CWG SCAR) on “Agriculture & Energy” and “Integrated Biorefinery”, EuroCASE Bio-economy Platform and EIP-AGRI Focus Group (energy in rural areas).

Research Interest

bioeconomy, bioenergy, biofuels, regulations on sustainability

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