Sergiy Kurta

Title: The improvement of synthesis technology and properties of bioethanol and biodiesel fuels


I have extensive experience with all these subjects as an engineer. As a researcher, I got two degrees: PhD in 1988, and Doctor of Sciences in 2015 in chemical engineering. I was promoted to an associate professor in 2002 and a full professor at the Department of Chemistry in 2018. I am also working on the” Synthesis and properties of the motor fuels combustion activators.” Specifically, the aim of this project is the improvement of diesel and gasoline complex dewaxing technology of the simultaneous octane and cetane number elevation, development and introduction of effective motor fuel combustion activators, based on the improvement of bioethanol absolutization technology and the interesterification of natural vegetable oils with increasing of biodiesel yield.

Research Interest

1.Ecological, resource-saving technologies of the synthesis of 1,2-dichloroethane and vinyl chloride with Utilization
of chlororganic wastes.
2.Development of Environmentally Friendly Recycling Technology of Waste Paper Containing Polymer.

3.The special, of the oxygen generating additive for the motor fuels.

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