Kopal Verma

Title: A Study of Indoor Carbonaceous Aerosols and the Socio-Economic Parameters in a Rural Village of Himachal Pradesh, India


Kopal Verma is an Environmental Scientist with specialization in Air Pollution and Carbon Mitigation with a background in Chemistry. Her main objective is to investigate the soft approaches for rural household people, which includes but not limited to the design and implementation of cheaper and easily available technologies, procedures to control indoor air pollution, substantiate soft approaches with appropriate scientific verification and inculcate them to the conceptual domain of policy makers. Also, for her spreading awareness among all sections of society towards the harmful effects of air pollution and their practical mitigation approaches is of utmost importance. She has recently won the NESA Junior Scientist of the Year 2018 Award. Along with these, she is yoga and meditation expert and trainer.

Research Interest

Carbon Mitigation

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