Smart Grid

A Smart Grid  may be a holistic resolution that employs a broad vary of knowledge technology resources, permitting existing and new gridlines to cut back electricity waste and energy prices. Smart grids are going to be an essential foundation for the incorporation of renewable energy into the electrical grid. Since renewable sources like star and wind square measure variable, it'll be essential to possess a demand-responsive electrical grid that uses energy expeditiously. Smart grid technologies have myriad applications and permutations, together with sensible meters in individual homes to the power to access variable and distributed sources of energy based mostly upon demand and availableness. Sensible meters empower electricity shoppers to use energy supported value signals given as rates fluctuate.

§  Power generation

§  Smart Grid Deployment & Demonstration Projects

§  Smart Grids Technologies

§  Impact of Smart Grid on Energy Resources

§  Micro-grids and their energy optimization

§  Role and future of electric vehicles in smart grids

§  Energy storage and cyber security for smart grids

§  Regulatory policies and program for implementation and control

§  Transformation of power grids to smart grids

§  Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Integration

§  Microgrid and active distribution network management

§  Smart Grid Networks, Reliability & Recovery

§  Smart Grids Modeling