Energy Storage, Conversion & Grid Modernization

One of the distinctive characteristics of the electric power sector is that the amount of electricity that can be generated is relatively fixed over short periods of time, although demand for electricity fluctuates throughout the day. Developing technology to store electrical energy so it can be available to meet demand whenever needed would represent a major breakthrough in electricity distribution. Helping to try and meet this goal, electricity storage devices can manage the amount of power required to supply customers at times when need is greatest, which is during peak load. These devices can also help make renewable energy, whose power output cannot be controlled by grid operators, smooth and dispatchable.

§  Pumped hydro storage

§  Thermal storage systems

§  Energy harvesting

§  Fuel Cells

§  Heating

§  Hydroelectricity

§  Nuclear power

§  Power stations

§  Steam power

§  Superconducting magnetic energy storage

§  Double-layer capacitors

§  Compressed air energy storage

§  Flywheel energy storage

§  Electrochemical storage systems

§  Flow batteries

§  Chemical energy storage

§  Hydrogen

§  Synthetic natural gas

§  Electrical storage systems

§  Wind turbines