Elvira Habermann

Title: Entrance gate for germs


After my graduation from the nursing school in Klagenfurt, I worked, apart from a baby break, on a neurological ward on a regular basis for 9 years. 

Then I switched to the urological department. There, for nine years, I also looked after people with incontinence problems. This taboo topic was initially a stepchild. Due to my beginning love for this job, I was very interested in deepening myself in this area. To complete it, I attended further training as a specialist nurse for continence and ostomy advice in Innsbruck. Since bladder and / or bowel emptying disorders are very often associated with sexual disorders, I attended basic sex medicine training at the Academy for Sexual Health in Vienna in 2011 in order to expand my knowledge. Years of professional experience in dealing with those affected has shown me that incontinence is a massive intrusion into the private sphere. So should offer space for rest and time.

Research Interest

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