Dennis Dean Ondrejka

Title: The hierarchy of research evidence: A time for change


Dr. Ondrejka has his BSN from the University of Wisconsin, Madison; his MSN from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; his Ph.D. in Higher Education from the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado in 1998. Dr. Ondrejka is a C-CNS in nursing with expertise in Occupational and Community Health Nursing. He has presented nationally and internationally on a host of topics e.g. Integral Leadership (Center for Nursing Excellence, Denver, CO); The Changing World of Nursing Practice (in Vietnam); Hierarchy of Research Evidence (ALSN conference at UCLA) and Affective Teaching in Nursing at several venues, where he is a national expert on the top with a the only nursing textbook on Affective Teaching in the last 30 years. Dr. Ondrejka has recently published today’s topic on the Hierarchy of Nursing Research: A Time for Change in the International Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences (June, 2022). 

Research Interest

Nursing Practice and Research

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