Kelly Longfellow

Title: Food Production, the Abrahamic Religions, and Nutrition: The pathway to sustaining human life and the ecosystem


Kelly Longfellow is an Off-Campus PhD Student at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Cleaner Production, Cleaner Products, Industrial Ecology & Sustainable Development Program. She holds is a USA Geographical Information Systems Professional (GISP), USGBC LEED O&M, and Duke University National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and USA Army Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training. For the past 19 years, she been in USA Federal Civil Service as an Environmental/Sustainability Program Manager for serval federal agencies and has had two deployments to Afghanistan. She volunteers as: USA Vice President Al Gore Climate Reality Presenter,  Texas USA Master Gardener, and a North Texas Basset Hound Rescue Foster Parent. She has won several USA EPA Sustainability Materials Management awards 2013-2019, USGBC TRUE Net Zero Waste Silver award for a USA Federal Building decreasing 90% of its solid waste, and NATO ISAF for Contributions towards the Conflict in Afghanistan. 

Research Interest

Her focus is Abrahamic Religion Studies and its relation to contemporary, sustainable societies and the climate crisis focusing on Food Scarcity/Production, Faith Facilities, and Personal Consumerism.

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