Food and Nutritional Anthropology : A social aspect of Food Security

Food Anthropology is included in Keynote and Speakers sessions on the most recent examination intended to offer extensive worldwide exchanges that address current issues in Food Security 2019.

This session of Food and Nutritional Anthropology is concerned to showcase the interplay between human biologyeconomic systemsnutritional status and food security, and how changes in the former affect the latter. The food security competitiveness will increasingly fringe the triple burden of malnutrition– undernutrition, obesity and deficiencies in micronutrient. The importance of the food security issues has led to huge scientific strides which forwards and making it difficult to keep up with the rapidly expanding value of scientific research and technology. The challenge for ethically acceptable global food security is to find a path forward, where tangible progress on ethical issues and disagreements in global food policy and practice is possible even in the absence of consensus about relevant values and permissible means. The whole discussion in this session is centred around the following sub sessions.

·         Relevance: Anthropology in the Contemporary World

·         Global Food Security: Ethics, Policies and Role of Governing Body

·         Land and Livelihood: Land Ownership, Access, Reform and Research Responsibilities

·         Labor Organization on Smallholder Farms: Structure and Diversity

·         Politics of Identity: Agri-business and Agri-culture

·         State of Play: Anthropology, Food Security, and New Directions in Research.

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