Rickey Logan

Title: The Do’s and the Don’ts in Supporting the “Gayby Boom”: The role of the NICU/Nursery in working with LGBT families


The presenter is a dual certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner practicing in a Level IV NICU in New York City, NY. He most recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and has had previous nursing degrees from Duke University. His Clinical expertise of 8+ years of nursing stems from neonatology, the pediatric cardiac ICU, general peds/nursery, and the pediatric ICU. My clinical interests are inclusive to the psychosocial aspects of LGBT lead families and how the internal stressors and external stressor influence the healthcare of the patient or child and how we as providers can give individualized, high quality, and sensitive healthcare to the LGBT family structure. The presenter has acted as an advocate in the LGBT community in New York City playing in nonprofit leagues and a symphonic band, and has done several presentations for NICUs in educating pathophysiology for specific topics, precepted nurses and nurse practitioners, and has recently been published in Advanced in Neonatal Care as of January 2020.

Research Interest

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