Neonatology & Perinatology

Pediatrics Congress 2021 is included Keynote and Speakers sessions on the most recent examination intended to offer extensive worldwide exchanges that address current issues in pediatrics Congress 2021.

Pediatrics subspecialty is Neonatology and comprises of the therapeutic care of babies. Neonatology is by and large rehearsed in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). The medicinal professional is called as neonatologists and the patients are babies who require unique therapeutic care because of rashness, low birth weight, intrauterine development hindrance, inborn abnormalities, sepsis, aspiratory hypoplasia or birth asphyxia.


·         Neonatal Skin Diseases

·         Neonatal hypoglycemia

·         Neonatal Heart Diseases

·         Neonatal Research

·         Neonatal Syndromes

·         Neonatal Infectious Diseases & Antibiotics

·         Perinatology

·         Fetal and perinatal therapy

·         Donor Conception

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