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Euro Nursing 2019 is based on the theme “Reaching New Heights: Inspiration, Motivation, and Collaboration in Nursing & Healthcare”. Euro Nursing 2019 intends to squeeze out unique prospects and avenues of this domain which can be outspread to all the SPEAKERS and DELEGATES, hence uplifting the profile with all sorts of demanding credibility. In addition, Euro Nursing 2019 seeks the involvement of all the academicians and professionals to attract the attention of all the global communities towards this area to ensure a quality and better healthcare servings which is inevitable for human existence. Assimilating the combined efforts of speakers, delegates, peer reviewers and our Organizing Committee Members, Euro Nursing 2019 looks ahead to ornate the contributions of its attendees by enriching their research profile with accountable CME / CNE credits and enabling global visibility to their research works. 

We believe that our conferences give more than not simply facts and figures. In addition to gaining insight into emerging growth organization/association across a range of sectors, participants will also have plenty of time to mingle and enjoy themselves in a beautiful setting with worldwide SPEAKERS and DELEGATES. A hallmark of the meeting was the active participation by the attendees. Each session was packed and hands went up quickly toward the end of the session when it was the perfect chance for Q&A. The innovation demos and business booths additionally received a major variety of visitors.

Opportunity and Importance

Euro Nursing 2019 aims to find advances in health practice opportunities and challenges for the nursing community, management and education in relation to health disparities as well as a breadth of other topics. According to the reports, there are near 3.5 million nursing professionals in the workforce today, representing about three of each five human services proficient and specialized employment in the nation, or 57 percent of the 6.1 million employments in Health expert and specialized occupations.

Why to Join???

Euro Nursing 2019 is organizing an outstanding scientific event and expecting the world's leading specialists associated with Nursing and Healthcare. Your association/organization will profit with an awesome introduction to the pioneers in Nursing, Medicare, and Healthcare. You can update your insight about the current condition in the field and get name acknowledgment at this 3-day meeting. Nursing Events is an energizing opportunity to highlight new innovation. We attempt to bring individuals from numerous fields and to impact a setting during which they'll cooperate synergistically, and ideally make new scientific results.

Who can Join?

Euro Nursing 2019 Conference welcomes Nurses, Doctors, Physicians, Clinicians, Nurse Care practitioners, Health Care Professionals, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Managers/Supervisors, Professors, Research fellows, Directors, Deans, Post-graduates in Nursing Practices, Clinical Study Observers, Midwives, Nurse Leaders, Nurse Entrepreneurs, Nursing Faculty, Nursing Academicians, Students has become a must-attend event for anybody working in the field of research especially in Nursing, Medicare and Healthcare. It is a gathering to explore problems with common concern and additionally exchange knowledge, share evidence, thoughts, and build solutions.

Market Analysis

Market Value on Nursing:

The 2017 Market Research Report on Nursing and Residential Care facilities is an in-depth evaluation of the industry and will provide you with the key insights, trends and benchmarks you need to create a broad and comprehensive diagnostic and understanding of the industry and company. Over the five years to 2017, the need for services provided by nursing care facilities is expected to grow steadily along with revenue. During the five-year period, the continued aging of the population has spurred demand for industry services as the number of adults aged 65 and older is expected to increase. However, an unstable reimbursement model and changes implemented by healthcare reform have initiated a shift from nursing homes to at-home managed care and community care services. Since these services are completed at home, their growth represents a potential threat to industry operators. In 2016, industry sales were $238.2 billion. Industry growth over the past 3 years, the industry has grown at an annual rate of 4.1%. Company growth there is 38,615 companies in the industry. Sales per company in 2016, the average sales per company was $6.2 million.

Healthcare accounts for 18 % of the U.S. budget. That offer is relied upon to continue developing, though at a slower pace than it had been amid the decade going before the Great Recession of 2008 and the desire is that medicinal services will achieve 20 percent of the (GDP) by 2020. The essential purpose behind this developing interest is evolving socioeconomics. Among today and 2030, in excess of 70 million children of post-war America will traverse 65 age amass - the fragment of the populace that records for 34 percent of every single surgery, 26 percent of all doctor office visits, and 90 percent of all nursing home occupants.

Importance & Scope:

Euro Nursing 2019 Conference concordat with Nursing EducationNursing Practice and ResearchTypes of NursingInnovation in Nursing EducationNursing AdministrationClinical NursingAdvanced Nursing Courses, Midwifery Nursing,  Cancer Nursing, Nurse Practitioners and Healthcare and Management. There is a worldwide shortage of nurses but there is also an increased demand for nurses with enhanced skills who can manage a more diverse, complex and acutely ill patient population than ever before. As a result, a variety of nurses in advanced practice positions has evolved around the world. Nursing Conferences provide a platform for experts in the field from all over the globe as we share experiences and knowledge and work together on ensuring Nursing Quality and its Benefits. This event includes keynote presentations, oral talks, poster presentations, and exhibitions.

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Past Conf. Report

Past Conference Report


Global Experts Meeting on Nursing Education

We gratefully thank all our wonderful Keynote and Plenary Speakers, Conference Attendees, Students, Media Partners and Associations for making Nursing Education 2019 success.

Global Experts Meetings on Nursing Education 2019 hosted by the Frontiers Meetings Ltd was held during April 18-20, 2019 at Hotel Hilton JFK Airport, New York, USA based on the theme Explore Latest Challenges and Innovations in Nursing Education". Benevolent response and active participation was received from the Organizing Committee Members along with Scientists, Researchers, Students and leaders from the area of  Nursing and Healthcare, who made this event a grand success.

Frontiers Meetings Ltd expresses its gratitude to the conference Moderator, for taking up the responsibility to coordinate during the sessions. We are indebted to your support.

Frontiers Meetings Ltd would like to convey a warm gratitude to all the Honorable guests and Keynote Speakers of GNE 2019.

Teresa Marshall, Tacoma Community College, USA

Christine Guarnieri, NYU Winthrop Hospital, USA

Kathleen Pinto, Jersey College School of Nursing, USA

Larry E Simmons, National League for Nursing, USA

Natalie Callis, Mount Sinai Health System, USA

Laurie Nolan-Kelley, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, USA

Judy E Boychuk Duchscher, Thompson Rivers University, Canada

Jaya Kuruvilla, P.D.Hinduja College of Nursing, India

Figure 1: Past Conference attendees presence graph

Frontiers Meetings Ltd offers its heartfelt appreciation to organizations such as our esteemed Media Partners, Exhibitors, and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by promoting in various modes online and offline which helped the conference reach every corner of the globe. It also took a privilege to felicitate the Keynote Speakers, Organizing Committee Members, Chairs and Co-chairs who supported this event.

With the grand success of Nursing Education 2019, Frontiers Meetings Ltd is proud to announce the "Global Experts Meeting on Nursing & Healthcare" to be held in October 17-19, 2019 at Madrid, Spain.

Let us meet again @ Euro Nursing 2019

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