Maha Sabar M

Title: Carbohydrate Counting in Diabetes


Maha M Saber is currently the Head of Complementary Medicine Department in the National Research Centre, Egypt. She is also the Professor of child health, consultant of Pediatrics and consultant of therapeutic nutrition. She received her MB Bch degree in 1985 from the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University and her Master’s degree in Pediatrics in 1990. She received her PhD in Child health in 1995. Her research work has been focused lately on therapeutic nutrition, complementary medicine and bee products and their therapeutic effects. She organized and contributed to national and international research projects since 1998 and up till now; she has been the Principal Investigator and Member of multiple research projects within the National Research Center. She has published many scientific papers and articles in national and international journals. She is also the Head of the field of complementary medicine, Head of the field of management of regional obesity at the Center of Excellence, National Research Center, and the President of the Arabic Society of Therapeutic Nutrition and Complementary Medicine.

Research Interest

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