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Continuing Medical Education

Attendees of this conference will earn up to 12 hours of CME credits after the completion of the activity. Dialecticians, Endocrinologists, Doctors, Researchers, and other professionals from the relevant field are eligible to get the CME credits. Medical and other relevant professionals earn a particular number of CMEs annually to validate that they are up-to-date with present practices in the medical and healthcare sector. CME credits are important in order to renew their certification or license. The annual number of CMEs varies by state and profession.

The Value & Benefits of CME

To Medical and Academic professionals - Participating at CME events is valuable to the medical professionals since it is required to keep up medical licensure and accreditation. It is a source of consistent change that eventually enhances their medical practice and keeps them up-to-date on the latest technologies, advancements, treatments, etc. Speaking at CME events can also be a benefit for medical professionals to explore their proficiency with some new horizons in their specialty levels.

To Working professionals - CME events are beneficial to the employers as it elevates their knowledge, capability, execution performance of the employees. CME events help the employees to explore a wide range of research projects.

To Organizations - Allowing staff to CME events progress the intelligence and creativity levels of the team. A CME event helps in better performance of the staff as a whole, which steps up the productivity and capabilities.

Claiming CME Credits

To gain credits, attendees must: Register as a participant and be at the conference for the entire activity Complete evaluation(s) Take online feedback Print and/or save certificate(s)

Note: CME credit will be counted as per your presence at the conference.

All the attendees will be provided with the certification as per their relevant category, signed by the Authorized signatories and the Members of Organizing Committee. Name and affiliation will be printed on the certificates, as per our records. For any changes or requests regarding the certification—please contact us prior to the conference.