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Global Experts Meeting on Frontiers in Diabetes & Endocrinology is a leading 3-day international conference hosted by frontiers meetings will be held on 09-11 Sep 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland

The conference is designed to provide the academic activity of the highest order, comprising lectures, symposium and interactive sessions on cutting edge topics by reputed international and national faculty. Besides, there will be an opportunity for residents, young diabetologists & endocrinologists to present their research and interact with the experts.  The meeting promises to update all participants with the state of art knowledge relevant to their daily clinical practice.

This prestigious congress will cover, in plenary, parallel sessions and exhibition


Facts and Figures

Europe: The number of people living with diabetes in Europe is expected to increase from 52 million in 2014 to 68.9 million by 2035, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Across Europe, around 1 in 11 adults is affected and this number is set to rise as the population ages.

USA: Diabetes Mellitus has been growing at an exponential rate and World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the diabetic population is likely to reach 366 million in 2030. The United States is expected to have an increase of 102 per cent in the diabetic epidemic in 2030 when compared to 2000

Middle East: The rate of diabetes in parts of the Arabian Peninsula is over twice the global average rate, and much higher than some other areas of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). And cases of type-2 diabetes outnumber cases of type-1 diabetes by a ratio of 10:1.

Asia Pacific: The Asia-Pacific Diabetes Care Devices Market has been estimated at USD 2.461 Billion in 2015 and is projected to reach USD 3.518 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 7.41% during the forecast period from 2015 to 2020.

Market Analysis

The markets for diabetes care products can be segmented as either monitoring/testing products or therapeutic products. Testing products can be further anecdotal by analyte for glucose, ketones, and microalbumin/albumin. Therapeutic products can also be further segmented as insulin, oral hypoglycemic agents and drugs to treat diabetic complications. Drugs to treat diabetic complications can further be segmented into antihypertensives, lipid-lowering drugs (for both cholesterol and triglycerides), antiarrhythmic drugs and drugs to treat peripheral vascular diseases. Each segment of the diabetes-care market, therefore, has different dynamics and different emphases, despite the focus on a single condition (hyperglycemia) and its complications.

Glucose monitors have a major consumer-marketing component. While physicians may prescribe a monitor, the patient ultimately has the choice of which monitor s/he uses. Insulin provides very little consumer choice. The treatment regimen prescribed by the physician must be followed and there are very few market options. With Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk being the two largest producers of insulin, it is highly likely that an insulin user will wind up using one of their products. As time goes by, the privilege of oral insulin and more intranasal insulin products may offer insulin-dependent diabetics more variety in terms of products and delivery methods.

Hypoglycemic agents abound and vary in their composition and mode of action. For the most part, advanced cases of Type 2 diabetes require more than one of these drugs in order for the patient to maintain glycemic control. Because of the wide variation of these products, there is some room for pharmaceutical companies to influence diabetics toward using their products. In the end, the physician may have the last word, but that does not mean that the patient will stay with a physician who does not acquiesce to his/her wishes.

Welcome Message

On behalf of the Frontiers Meetings Conferences, it is my pleasure to invite all of the great scientists, academicians, young researchers, Business delegates and students from all over the world to attend the “Global Experts Meeting on Frontiers in Diabetes & Endocrinology” from September 09-11, 2019 Edinburgh, the UK on the Theme of " Recent Advancements and Developments for Changing Life of Diabetes World”

 Diabetes Conference shares insight into the recent research and cutting edge technologies, which gains immense interest with the colossal and exuberant presence of adepts, young and brilliant researchers, business delegates and talented student communities.

 Diabetes Meetings goal is to bring together, a multi-disciplinary group of scientists and engineers from all over the world to present and exchange break-through ideas relating to the Diabetes Research.  It promotes top-level research and to globalize the quality research in general, thus making discussions, presentations more internationally competitive and focusing attention on the recent outstanding achievements in the field of Diabetes Research, and future trends and needs.

 Since this conference covers very global aspects of Diabetes from very fundamental the issue to the practical application of the principle of Diabetes Research, anyone interested in the future progress of Diabetes should not miss.

 We’re looking forward to an excellent meeting with great scientists from different countries around the world and sharing new and exciting results in Diabetes, which will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, from September 09-11, 2019.

 Thanking you.

Gerald C. Hsu

eclaireMD Foundation, USA