Nephrology, Diabetic Kidney Disease and Hypertension

The diabetic kidney disease sometimes also called as diabetic nephropathy is a kidney related complication which may occur in people with diabetes mellitus. In diabetic nephropathy, filters of the kidneys and glomeruli become damaged. In this condition the kidneys leak abnormal quantity of protein from blood into the urine. If anyone has diabetes, the blood glucose, or blood sugar levels are very high. For prolonged period, this can damage the kidneys. The role of kidney is to clean your blood. In case they are damaged, waste and fluids accumulate in your blood with out of leaving from your body. If the kidney damage by diabetes is called diabetic nephropathy. Usually it starts long before you have notice symptoms. The beginning sign of it is small quantity of protein in urine. By urine test we can detect diabetic nephropathy or blood test can also determine the functioning of kidneys.

Diabetic kidney disease session covers diabetic nephropathy, diabetes mellitus (clinical), diabetic nephropathy–biomarkers of disease, intensive management of blood glucose, genetics of kidney disease–diabetic kidney disease, hypertension-clinical and experimental models, renal haemodynamics and vascular physiology.