Shreyasi Chatterjee

Title: Type 2 Diabetes as a risk factor for Alzheimer’s Disease: Perspective from a Drosophila model of Tauopathy and neuroblastoma cells


Shreyasi Chatterjee is a Marie-Curie Fellow at University of Southampton. Her research involves the investigation of molecular pathways leading to Alzheimer’s Disease and the identification of disease-modifying risk factors for early detection and treatment. As a Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of California, she developed a novel tauopathy model of retinal degeneration by overexpressing full-length (2N4R) human tau in Drosophila eye. This model has been used successfully by researchers for conducting unbiased genetic screens for the detection novel tau interactors and for dissecting complex disease pathways. Her pioneering observations from her fruit-fly models are currently used in a translational paradigm in Alzheimer’s Disease patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells for the development of therapeutic targets. Her innovative research has been funded by European Commission (Marie-Sklowdoska Curie Individual Fellowship) and Diabetes, UK.

Research Interest

Alzheimer’s Disease

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