Dario Furnari

Title: The role of amyloid beta in Alzheimer's disease, murine models


Prof. in Human Perfomance, Human Movement Anatomy, PhD in Neuroscience, Research Psicology,Traumatology&Orthopedic, Project Manager , Strength and Conditioning specialist Physical Therapy,Skynesiology and Spinology, Exercise Physiology,Spa Therapist Physiology,Support Health Worker, aesthetic medical, sports masseur, expert in postural gymnastics, psychology and psychomotion for the elderly and special children or with learning disabilities. Coach and athletic trainer of various sports (football, swimming, volleyball, basketball, hockey, tennis, swimming). Spa&Clinical Manager,Lecture in neuro rehabilitation kynesiology, specialist in aesthetic gymnastics, weight-loss and pre and post natal, Osteopathy, Psicomotricist, aesthetic and lymphatic drainage. The lines of research on which I worked at the Department of Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences, section of applied physiology and kinesiology and motion control, have been in the field of neuroscience, in particular in the role of beta-amyloid and glycoprotein F3 in the synaptic plasticity of hippocampal memory of mice and then in Alzheimer's disease; I dealt with behavior and various behavioral tests in mice; of electrophysiology of in vitro slices of hippocampus, stereotaxy and cannulation implantation, administration of drugs and animal welfare. In addition, I have helped other laboratories in the analysis of human movement, in nueropharmacology, in motor learning and control, in the performance of elite athletes in training programming, in rehabilitation, in the measurement of lactate in the physiology physical exercise.
I worked in University,College and Primary School as Lecture,Teacher ,expert in human movement and psycomotricist.
I work in England, German, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Usa,Australia, New zealand, China abroad in numerous clinic, sporting club center of rehabilitation, spas and hotels and University and Research movement lab

Research Interest


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