Diana Marcela Cuestas Torres

Title: Evaluation of the spontaneous activity of hippocampal neurons exposed to different concentrations of beta-amyloid (A?))


Diana Marcela Cuestas Torres, from her beginnings as a scientist, has had a great interest in the cellular mechanisms behind the processes of synaptic plasticity related to the formation of memory and learning. Since one of the characteristic features of Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the deterioration of cognitive processes and that, the processes of synaptic plasticity underlie these. She and her group of collaborators decided to evaluate how the synaptic activity of hippocampal neurons changes in Alzheimer's models. Therefore, he has extensive experience in the electrophysiological evaluation of neuronal activity in vivo and in vitro using patch clamping techniques and field registration in Alzheimer's models. Its field of action seeks to contribute, both to the diagnosis of AD, through the typing of patterns of spontaneous synaptic activity; as to the treatment of AD, by identifying new therapeutic targets to mitigate the harmful effects of beta-amyloid accumulation on cognitive function. He hopes to continue making important contributions to the basic knowledge related to the disease and clinical application. As well as continuing to promote the development of Alzheimer's electrophysiology in Colombia.

Research Interest

Alzheimer's disease

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