Yijun Fu

Title: Assessment of mid-to-long term energy saving impacts of nearly zero energy building incentive policies in cold region of China


Yijun Fu is currently a Ph.D. student in China Academy of Building Research under the supervision of Dr. Wei Xu, who is the leading scientist in building energy conservation specialized in nearly zero energy building (NZEB) and renewable energy application in China. Yijun Fu dedicates herself in building energy conservation with research direction of renewable energy (PV) application in buildings and positive impact on carbon emission reduction for climate change mitigation. In her paper, a policy-driven model, based on currently-implemented NZEB policies regulating future scales of NZEB in terms of proportion to existing and new buildings, has set up three specific scenarios corresponding to different developing situations based on current, 2030 carbon peak target and 2060 carbon neutralization target. The positive energy-saving impact of NZEB on future building energy consumption stock has been quantified through calculation as an effective measure to achieve the 2030 and 2060 carbon emission neutralization target. Results provide the government with a scientific prescription for future NZEB policies establishment.

Research Interest

Nearly zero energy building

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