Reza Sadr

Title: Recent climate changes in the coastal region of Qatar Yuan


Dr. Reza Sadr's research interests include experimental techniques in thermo/fluid science with a focus on advanced energy-efficient systems. He has active projects in atmospheric turbulence, droplets, and sprays, alternative and biofuels, nano/micro-fluids and supercritical fluid flows. Upon joining Texas A&M University, he focused his attention on advanced energy-efficient systems on several fronts at the Qatar campus. He continued his work on micro/nanofluidics for bioapplications and Brownian motion. He is continuing his work in studying Atmospheric Surface Layer (ASL) in Qatar to characterize pollution dispersion and potential wind energy applications in the Persian Gulf region.

Research Interest

Experimental techniques in thermo/fluid science with focus on Atmospheric turbulence studies, turbulent multiphase flows, and optical diagnostic techniques development; nano/micro-fluids, Brownian dynamics, and particle-fluid interaction.

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