Julián Andrés Valencia Arbeláez

Title: Population dynamics of sugarcane borers, diatraea spp., under different climatic scenarios in Colombia


Agronomist Engineer M.Sc. in Sustainable Development and Environment, Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences with an emphasis on ecophysiology, climatology, entomology, which through research, farmers meetings, extension, seminars, and publications in Journals, seeks to provide solutions to different issues related to scenarios of climate supply; Supporting in a substantial way the making decision support systems, mitigation plans, adaptation, and, therefore, implementation and analysis in risk management.

Associate professor of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the Corporación Universitaria Santa Rosa de Cabal - UNISARC, located in Risaralda, Colombia, where, I have been able to develop through teaching, in agro-climatology, GIS, irrigation and draining, plant physiology, and hydrology; the direction of the line of research in tropical climatology and the group of sustainable systems in agricultural production, some research projects, creation of academic programs and improvement of the technification of the Colombian rural sector

Research Interest

Understand from different biological aspects, the effects that different current and future climate scenarios have on the organisms of different ecosystems, and how these changes affect rural and urban societies, in order to provide results in the development of decision support systems, constantly learn and have the opportunity to write articles and publish them in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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