Dr. Pasquale Viola

Title: Climate change law and legal systems’ responsiveness: structural and functional approaches


Dr. Pasquale Viola is post-doctoral researcher at the Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) and PhD in comparative law and processes of integration. His research fields regard climate change law, environmental law, comparative public law, comparative constitutional law. He has been invited as lecturer and speaker at several international symposiums. He has been visiting researcher in several Asian and European institutions.

Among his publications: Costituzionalismo autoctono (2020); ‘La contribución científica del Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change al Pacto Verde Europeo: introducción a la European Climate Law’ (2020), ‘Climate and Environmental Justice: A Comparative Perspective to ‘Think Different’ about Long-Lasting Issues’ (2020), The Growing Role of Expert Members in Environmental Adjudication: The Case of the Indian National Green Tribunal (with Domenico Amirante, 2017).

Research Interest

Climate change law, Environmental law, Comparative public law, Comparative constitutional law

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