Awale Mohamed Abdullahi

Title: Climate change and the effect to Somalia


Dr.Awale Abdullahi, MD MBchB, MMED surgery Consultant Surgeon at Dr.Sumait  Hospital, Senior Lecturer at Somali National University and Simad University. He is an adviate of climate change. Dr. Awale  has fifteen years’ experience in General Surgery, Urology, with special interest minimal invasive surgery, Ventriculoperitoneal shunts, ureterolithotomy ,nephrectomies, hernia repair, varicocelecetomis and endoscopic procedures. during his time he operated more than five thounsand patients which include Ceaserian sections,penetrating abdominal, chest and head injuries, open prostatectomies, hernias repain, hydrocelectomies, varicocelectomies, decortications of chest,and benign and malinganatat tumours in the body. He is senior surgeon and senior lecturer, he teaches medical students for basic surgical skills, General surgery, and  Urology. He is working at international hospital, Somali National university  which the only public university that Somalia has, and Simad University in which is a private nonprofit university. He is a founding member of international hospital of Mogadishu, Chief of Surgeon at The Hospital. He is the former Hospital director of Daynile General Hospital which was funding by MSF France 2013. He particpitated many free surgical camps in kismayo, baidoa, galkayo, jowhar in which he was team leader helping need people.In addition to his surgical practice, he is member of college of surgeons east central and southern  Africa ,member of association of surgeons of Uganda. He is also founding member of the Somali surgical society. Dr. Awale resides in Mogadishu, with his wife, and enjoys life with his one daughter and three sons.

Research Interest

Minimal Invasive surgery including Urology, Surgical Oncology, Trauma, and surgical infections.

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