Alexey Klimenko

Title: Aggregated toxicity of road vehicles as basis for future regulation in the field of atmospheric air protection


A Klimenko has his expertise in the fields of R&D and management in the areas of GHG and toxic pollutants emission; long-term forecasting of road transport GHG emission and relevant state policy development, the national GHG inventory; toxic substances nationwide emission inventory; the legislation development in the areas of energy and environment; interaction with ministries and departments; realization of large-scale projects in the sector; engines and vehicles testing methods and equipment development; mathematical simulation; participation in international projects. He is responsible for the concept, scientific, and legislative background of road vehicle environment labeling and LEZ implementation project in Ukraine

Research Interest

R&D and management in the areas of GHG and toxic pollutants emission national-scale inventory and long-term forecasting for road transport, road vehicles emission and energy consumption state regulation, road vehicle environmental labeling, LEZ design and implementation.

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