COVID-19 and Climate Change

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For a far long time, our scientific communities have been alerting about the risk of a viral pandemic, and the threat of climate change. With our current rate of global greenhouse gas emissions, we will miss our 1.5?C target and head instead towards a 3-4?C rise in temperature in the coming years. And while emissions are forecasted to be 7% lower in 2020 than in 2019, the cost has been magnificent.  A year ago, news headlines were dominated by the climate youth movement and a sense of urgency. But COVID-19 has replaced that interest and perception. In fact, the causes of both crises share commonalities, and their effects are approaching. The climate emergency and COVID-19, a zoonotic infection, are both abide by human activity that has led to environmental degradation. The climate emergency nor a zoonotic pandemic, none of them were unexpected. Both have to lead the way to the avoidable loss of lives through an act that is delayed, inadequate, or erroneous. However, aligning responses presents a chance to enhance public health, develop a sustainable economic future, and excel protect the Earth's remaining natural amenities and biodiversity.