Lee D. Wilson

University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Title: Advanced Biopolymer Materials with Switchable Adsorption Properties


Lee D. Wilson is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan. He specializes in the Physical Chemistry and Materials Science of biopolymers and colloidal systems with an established research program focused on the development of new types of sorbent materials (e.g., molecular sponges). Wilson’s research involves fundamental studies of the scientific and technological aspects of sorbents that impact areas of environmental science, biotechnology, medicine, chemical delivery/separation systems, and advanced materials for water treatment and purification. Wilson obtained a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Saskatchewan and completed a PDF with the National Research Council of Canada in the Functional Materials Program in 2003. Wilson has published research (> 125 peer-reviewed articles) in diverse topic areas of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science.

Research Interest

Physical Chemistry and Materials Science.

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