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About Cancer 2020, Zurich, Switzerland

Cancer 2020 will be organised around the theme “Frontier Novelties in Cancer Research & Drug Delivery”. This unique prospect that we outspread to our speakers and attendees are not being offered by any other conference organizers. Through the abstracts and research profiles of our respected speakers and Organizing Committee Members getting global visibility which is an additional feature that our attendees would be receiving in addition to networking opportunities before, throughout and after the conference.

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Conference Key Attributes

With a most dynamic approach in the event management, Cancer 2020 organized by Frontiers Meetings offer a customized platform for each segment of attendees to present their research and experience. This International Conference features some critical attributes to make it worth attending.

Keynote Forum: Invited noble laureates and industry veterans share their enormous experience and vital research discoveries to inaugurate the program.

Plenary Talks: More than 30 speakers from top universities and healthcare firms present their research and address the attendees covering each and every aspect of the domain.

Panel Discussions: Intermittent discussions and sharing viewpoints in a panel of 4–5, on a common topic associated with the subject to highlight the concern.

Networking:  Global gathering with a melange of young researchers to noble laureates, the conference provides ample opportunity to meet, greet and discuss even during off-hours.

Exhibition: With the exhibition of knowledge throughout the three days, Pediatrics conference also has slots always open for product and service-oriented firm to exhibit themselves and create brand awareness.

Why Oncologists and Researchers should attend Conferences?

This medical conference for Oncologists and researchers serves as a unique platform for sharing information on the highest possible standard of practice, along with the development and learning of new skills and techniques.

Medical conferences facilitate and encourage discussions between attendees and panelists present in the event. This ensures that the topic of discussion is understood in detail and all aspects of the subject matter are scrutinized from various angles. Major benefits are:

  • Understanding New and Modified Regulations
  • New information and treatment approaches
  • Peer Networking Opportunities

Take a break from your daily practice and use it to enhance your skillset and knowledge base by attending our annual conference.

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