Drug Delivery Technologies

Pharmaceutical drug delivery technologies improve drug absorption, efficacy, and experience of the patient. Taste maskers increase the commercial viability of your pharmaceutical medical products by neutralizing the bitter and strong, tastes of certain oral medical formulations. Bioavailability of medicines within the system can be attained by increasing the dissolution rate with specialized drug delivery development products. Developing the drug delivery technology of final pharmaceutical formulation can increase its commercial success. The main routes of drug delivery are injection/infusion, oral and transdermal. Drug-eluting stents which are coated with medication that is slowly released to prevent the scars on artery lining and other implantable drug delivery devices are presented, as well as externally applied devices. When combined with appropriate targeting moieties, drug-encapsulating liposomes, drug-coated nanoparticles and nanotubes, and tree-like dendrimers enable organ and tissue targeting.

These biotechnology derived drugs were formerly administered by injection alone, but now-a-days the solutions are for transdermal, inhaled and even oral delivery are available and many are under investigation for most established products. Nucleic acid delivery technologies, such as R-DNA and gene therapy, targeted drug delivery inconceivable. Developments in Transdermal drug delivery technology includes the active delivery of the drug is driven through micro needles or energy is applied through ultrasound or lasers.