Clinical Trails & Biotherapeutics

Most modern medical involvements are a direct result of clinical research through clinical trials. New interventions for most diseases and conditions including cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and asthma have been developed through clinical research. Clinical trials often lead to new advancements becoming available that help people to live longer and to have less pain or disability. Clinical trials can also help to advances in health care services by raising standards of treatments. Doctors and hospital staff involved in clinical trials are repeatedly trained to provide best practice patient care. Clinical trials in Australia are recognised internationally for including very high-quality patient care.

The field Biotherapeutics is encompassing therapeutic materials produced using biological means, including recombinant DNA technology. The key to these treatments is precision. Biotherapeutic treatments come from biological sources, they are different from the man-made Pharmaceutical chemicals that are united to make drugs. They can either host on a very specific target in cancer cells or manipulate the immune system into destroying cancer antibodies are able to identify extremely specific differences between healthy cells and cancer cells. This capacity, united with the fact that these treatments can be trained to hit the targets of our selective choosing, is what gives biotherapeutics the potential to be the smart missiles of cancer therapy and treatments.