Chemotherapy is a kind of treatment that combines a medication or combination of medicines to treat the cell growth. The main aim of chemo is to stop or direct the advancement of cancer cells. Chemo is seen as a central treatment for cancer patients. This infers it may impact your entire body during chemo sessions. Chemo drugs ambush rapidly creating cancer growth cells; in any case, they can similarly impact the cell growth rapidly. Cancer chemotherapy includes the selection of drugs and dose levels, which will eliminate distributed cancer cells, without causing severe toxicity to the host. Depending upon the prime location and the extension of the cell growth, chemotherapy can be curative or palliative. In the majority of cases, Chemotherapy leads to the continuation of survival, and in other cases it results in the elimination of the disease. Chemotherapy can be in most cases a major adjuvant to surgical therapy and radiotherapy. It is most successful against Leukaemia blood cancer. Mechanism-based methods have also been discovered for several decades. For treating cancer about 30 chemotherapeutic drugs are in regular use till date.